Download it – Stream it – Ship it

What we’ll do for you:

  • e-commerce movie store built and personalized just for you
  • Shopping cart with credit card processing
  • Download your videos in a fully compatible MP4 format.
  • Stream your videos to any computer or handheld smart device.
  • Fulfill DVD and Blu-ray orders (to any address on earth at no charge to you).
  • DVD and Blu-Ray duplication-on-demand.
  • Digital download card technology, instantly available.

A Personalized Web Store for You!

Branding your e-store will give you an edge over your competition. Instead of marketing your video products on a site with thousands of your competitors (e.g. iTunes, Amazon etc), we will build and host your movie e-store away from your competition. No longer will you lose sales because a mega store like iTunes or Amazon referred your customer to another movie maker. Remember, Amazon© and iTunes© do not promote your movies – they promote themselves. Only your branded e-store will 100% promote you!

No Programming Skills Required

  • We will build, host and maintain your movie e-store for you for a simple monthly fee.
  • We will convert your videos to high quality downloadable and streaming formats at no extra charge.
  • We will handle credit card transactions and credit card service issues at no extra charge.
  • We will ship your DVDs and Blu-ray discs to your customers at no charge to you.

Accounting for Independent Film Makers

  • Receive a detailed report of sales activity from your e-store at the end of every day including: Products sold; unit prices; sub-totals; sales tax; shipping costs and totals; contact information on each customer including name, address, email and phone.
  • End of month report includes total revenue and total fees in spreadsheet format
  • Payment for your net sales – no further accounting required!

Simple, Easy to Understand Pricing and
No Revenue Sharing!

At Cora Digital we do not share in your revenue stream. Ours is a fee-based service consisting of one very easy to afford monthly hosting fee plus a small order processing fee. This structure allows you to sell as much product as you can with no hidden fees and no escalating costs.

You can package your video products in every imaginable configuration. Sell your movies:

  • By download
  • Pay-per-view streaming
  • Video subscription packages
  • USB thumb drives
  • With digital download card
  • DVD and Blu-ray discs

Add physical merchandise like T-shirts, posters, coffee mugs, hats and etc at no additional charge. You can even sell music and books on your site if you like.

Level 1


Per Month1
  • 10% Processing Fee2
  • $299 Setup Fee3
  • Up to 2 titles4 in DVD and MP4
  • 10gb monthly bandwidth5
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Level 2


Per Month1
  • 10% Processing Fee2
  • $299 Setup Fee3
  • Up to 5 titles4 in DVD and MP4
  • 10gb monthly bandwidth5
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Level 3


Per Month1
  • 10% Processing Fee2
  • $349 Setup Fee3
  • Up to 10 titles4 in DVD and MP4
  • 10gb monthly bandwidth5
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Level 4


Per Month1
  • 10% Processing Fee2
  • $499 Setup Fee3
  • Up to 25 titles4 in DVD and MP4
  • 10gb monthly bandwidth5
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Level 5


Per Month1
  • 10% Processing Fee2
  • $499 Setup Fee3
  • Up to 50 titles4 in DVD and MP4
  • 10gb monthly bandwidth5
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1 This is your monthly hosting fee. | 2 The order processing fee is a percentage of each sale ($0.49 minimum charge). | 3 This is a one-time setup fee for us to build your site. | 4 A title is defined as the contents of a DVD. | 5 After free bandwidth allotment, add $0.75/gb.

All levels include unlimited sales of physical items such as dvds, t-shirts, posters, coffee mugs etc.

For An Unlimited Plan, Please Call Us For A Quote

Standard Features

  • Shopping Cart, 100% secure
  • Credit Card Processing, 100% PCI compliant
  • Fulfillment, we can ship your DVDs and Blu-ray discs to any address on earth at no charge to you
  • Pay-Per-View video
  • MP4 Conversion of your DVD videos
  • Thumbnail Images of your videos
  • Text Descriptions of your videos
  • Video previews
  • Daily Reports, sales activity from your e-store
  • Customer Database, build your customer database for future marketing efforts
  • Monthly Payout, receive a check for your monthly revenue minus expenses
  • Online FAQ help file that answers 99% of customer questions about your e-store
  • Tech Support, unlimited support to you

Optional Services

  • Add a Donations feature to your site: $25 one-time fee
  • Add Affiliate Program to your site: $25 one-time fee
  • Add Custom Search field, $25 one-time fee
  • Add Discount and Promo Codes to your site: $15 one-time fee
  • Add a Favorites button, $10 one-time fee
  • Add Google Analytics to your site, $15 one-time fee
  • Add a History button, $10 one-time fee
  • Add PDF files (photos, posters, booklets etc): $10 one-time fee
  • Add Video Subscription feature: $10.00 per month + $0.75 per gb of bandwidth
  • Capture a user device serial number, $25 one-time fee
  • Customize the FAQ, $25 one-time fee
  • Digital Download Cards: $49.95 setup fee and $0.50 per card (or print your own)
  • Inventory Charge (if you supply product for fulfillment): $0.10 per unit per month
  • On-Demand duplication of DVD and BD discs: call for quote
  • Registration: force visitors and/or users to create an account to access your store, $10 one-time fee
  • Terms of Use: add your custom legal agreement, $50 one-time fee
  • Track and report serial number usage, $10 one-time fee
  • Make changes to your site after initial build: $85 per hour ($10 minimum)

Details and Explanations

  • Track sales from referral web sites
  • Pay commissions to colleagues who refer customers to you
  • Setup a network of referral web sites
  • Use our merchant account (already installed)
  • Saves you time: we handle refunds and credit card disputes for you
  • Saves you money: merchant account is already installed – adds no additional cost
  • Sales reports emailed to you automatically at end of each day
  • Can be received as HTML document or attached Excel file
  • Shows name, address, phone and email of buyer
  • Shows product purchased, amount paid including shipping and handling
  • Every sale is date and time stamped
  • Offer discounts to a customer or group of customers
  • Setup a reseller with wholesale pricing
  • Run a sale for a week or a month
  • Run a sale on selected items, like your latest release
  • Your customers can purchase your video files for instant download
  • If a download is interrupted, your customer can restart download until successful
  • PDF files and JPEG files can also be downloaded
  • We will convert your DVD video to high quality MP4 files
  • We can also convert your DVD to a lossless image file if desired
  • Order fulfillment at no charge to you, the seller
  • We ship to every address on earth
  • Includes packaging and postage
  • Includes tracking
  • Stream a video one time for a fee or for free
  • Can also be accessed with serial number
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports sent directly to you
  • Includes details of every sales transaction in your e-store
  • Can be received as HTML document or spreadsheet attachment
  • Includes customer name, address, phone and email
  • End of month report reconciles your revenue minus our fees
  • Simplifies your e-store accounting
  • Videos can be streamed as pay-per-view
  • Videos can be grouped together as a subscription package
  • Package one or more related videos together in a subscription
  • Your customers pay a fee to watch a video subscription for a given period of time
  • Typical subscription periods are 1 month, 1 quarter or 1 year
  • No limit to the number of videos packaged in a subscription
  • Can also be accessed with a serial number
  • Individual videos can be swapped in and out every month
  • Payment from your online sales made directly to you at end of each month
  • Monthly payment represents your net profit from online sales
  • No further accounting required
  • Sales and customer information sent to you on a daily basis
  • Use your daily reports to build a database of customers for further marketing efforts
  • Give password access to your movies for download
  • Cards printed 4/1 from your print-ready art
  • Unique serial numbers created and added
  • Serial numbers linked to 1 or more files and 1 or more downloads, your choice
  • Accept donations to your worthy cause
  • Donors contribute by credit card
  • Donors receive receipt of their donation for their tax records
  • We will duplicate and ship your DVDs as they are ordered
  • No need to maintain inventory
  • Can be a bare DVD or a complete packaged and shrink wrapped retail product
  • Online help file that will answer 99% of your customer’s questions
  • We can install your Google analytics code on your e-store
  • Track visitors to your e-store
  • Determine where visitors come from and where they go
  • Determine where visitors spend their time on your e-store
  • Determine how much time visitors spend and what they look at
  • Force all visitors to your site to create an account to enter
  • Create batches of accounts for your users and hand out logins as desired
  • 100% secure
  • PCI compliant
  • SSL certified
  • Unlimited tech support to you by phone or email
  • Unlimited customer service to you by phone or email
  • FAQ file placed on your e-store will answer 99% of customer questions
  • We handle all credit card disputes for you
  • We fix any technical issues usually within 24 hours

Production Schedule

To create and populate a DDS video e-store for you typically takes 5-7 business days.

Four things we need from you to begin work on your store:
1. Graphics, text, audio/video content, price schemes and instructions
2. A signed DDS contract
3. Setup fee
4. The first month of hosting fees

Once a site is finished and online, the customer must view and approve. If additional changes to the site or the content are required, CD Technical will make up to 1 hour of changes at no charge. Additional changes to the site or the content will be billed at $85/hour.

For more information please contact Cora Digital, Inc
(319) 337-4110